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Eating locally


We all know that Jiu Jitsu is not just a Martial Art, it’s a lifestyle, a healthy lifestyle!

So nothing more important than our fuel (food) .

There are several compelling reasons to eat locally—including how it’s better for the environment (imagine the carbon footprint of shipping your Venezuelan bananas from the Southern Hemisphere!), it’s healthier (you’re more thoughtful about what you eat when you pay attention to its ingredients), and it’s better for your neighborhood (money spent on food goes straight back into your local community).

Of course, eating locally can be hard work, and it’s a constantly evolving lifestyle. Here are four simple ways you can start a path towards becoming a locavore, along with all the reasons why.

Grow something edible: Planting seeds, starts or other edible living things at your home is one of the easiest ways to have fresh, delicious local food on hand—as well as developing a respect for and connection to nature and the seasons. And it’s usually quite cheap—a seed packet is under a dollar, and it’s the ultimate gift that keeps on giving.

Eat seasonal food: Fruit and veggies that are in season in your region are not only at their most affordable (plentiful stock and low shipping costs!), they also pack the most flavor and freshness.

Cook simple meals at home: You might not feel like a gourmet cook—but you don’t have to be to create pure, tasty meals out of simple, quality ingredients. You see, quality food speaks for itself, and it doesn’t need all the salt/butter/preservatives employed by restaurants. Plus—leftovers!

Shop at farmers’ markets or join a CSA: Again, money is going back into your community here. You’re also buying fresh food that wasn’t picked long before its peak ripeness and shipped cross-country. And by building direct relationships with the farmers and producers in your ’hood, you can’t help but cultivate a little health and gratitude.

For more information about eating locally and a very nice book on this subject, as well as some awesome seasonal recipes, go to:




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