Time: 6-8 pm

We will go over straight ankle locks (attacks and defense) , toe holds and if we have time left , heel hooks !


As most of you may know, GBE member Kam Zardouzian will be teaching a FREE breathwork class on Sunday August 11th starting at 9am sharp and ending before our regularly scheduled 10am class.  This condensed class will focus just on the breathwork aspect of the Wim Hof Method to help optimize the physiology and focus the mind to gain maximum benefit from athletic training. The Wim Hof Method is a set of science-backed tools that expand your physiology, mental, and emotional states using the three pillars of regular breath work, voluntary exposure to cold, and mindful commitment.
The tools you’ll learn from this class can be practiced any time before any type of training or competition and is ideal for martial artists.
Main benefits of the breathwork as they related to BJJ are:
  1. Create efficient exchange of O2/CO2 ~ oxygenate the body for maximal muscle efficiency & improve energy production
  2. Harmonize your immune system
  3. Build stress resilience
  4. Control your nervous system state
  5. Steer your risk, effort & energy
  6. Reduce anxiety
  7. Strengthen decision making, memory & learning
  8. Increase self-awareness
  9. Quiet your ego
  10. Increase creativity
Kam has been offering Wim Hof Method Workshops at his house and around Encinitas as part of his ongoing investigation of this method and is in line to earn his master level certification at the end of August.  Several GBE members have attended his workshops and incorporate the tools they learned within their lives.