Classes Ranging from Beginner to Advanced

At the heart of the Gracie Barra Family’s extraordinary success over the years is our strong philosophy and mission as a group, a foundation which our masters laid many years ago, but is constantly being reinforced by the great people that make our community. Jiu-Jitsu is a beautiful art, and we have a vision of how it should be taught as a means for individual development going beyond the competitive realm. To achieve this vision, we must remember to come together as a family, always putting the team in front of individual. For that, we will fight to the end for what we believe is right.

Kids And Teens

Our Kid’s Program supports children ages 3-15 years old. Classes are offered 6 days a week and are structured based on age to support the best curriculum considering physical and mental development. We believe in and maintain the highest Instructor/Coach to Student ratio in San Diego. This allows us to focus more of our time helping each individual child. Jiu-Jitsu classes for children begin with the building blocks that are needed to teach the fundamentals of Jiu-Jitsu. Our lead Instructors are all certified black belts with years of Jiu Jitsu training and teaching experience. Instructors and Coaches are trained to interact and offer gentle correction for children and teens who practice the art of Jiu-Jitsu. Kids are encouraged to make effort in every class and learn the benefits of respect, cooperation, teamwork, and play.

At GBE, through dedicated practice of Jiu-Jitsu, children learn valuable skills that will serve them well throughout their lives:

  • increased focus and concentration
  • fitness
  • self-defense
  • confidence
  • goals setting
  • coordination

Practicing Jiu-Jitsu at GBE helps children and teens release their energy in a healthy and productive way. Our certified instructors teach kids to focus their attention on one task at a time, honing their abilities and developing critical thinking skills. And the GBE Kid’s Program provides kids and teens with a sense of community. We host regularly scheduled social events and community outreach activities. We are organized like a team, but train together like a family. This philosophy helps our students build trust and leadership skills with every class. When children learn how to do this, they establish skills they can apply both on and off the mats for a lifetime.

GB Encinitas kids jiu jitsu ages:

  • TEENS :13-15 YEARS OLD

Women’s Program

The techniques and training prepare women to defend themselves against a larger opponent. Drilling and repetition are a core part of the training curriculum, to help build automatic responses to common types of aggression. And having a positive, safe environment is key to supporting regular and consistent training. One amazing added benefit? The GBE classes are an awesome way to improve overall health and fitness levels. The longer students train, the greater their strength, conditioning, confidence, and mental focus. 

We also hold several, Women’s Only Self Defense Seminars yearly, that always have huge participation. These Seminars are attended by many of our current members and many non-members from our community. The classes are always taught by our most experienced black belt Instructors and supported by many GBE coaches to give students the focus they need. 

Perhaps the best part of the Women’s Program is the level of energy the students bring to the school! The friendship in the Program is really something special. These ladies become friends on AND off the mats! Get togethers, social activities, class pictures…it’s pretty much happening all the time! Something you’ve got to experience. So contact us or just come on by and try a FREE Intro Class!!


GB1, Fundamentals. This course can be thought of as Jiu Jitsu for beginners. The course teaches the fundamentals and principles of BJJ as well as the skills you need to grow personally in a Jiu Jitsu lifestyle. And our Fundamentals classes are attended and enjoyed by all belt levels!

GB2, Advanced. Advance your Jiu Jitsu game with this course. Take your training beyond the fundamentals and begin to hone the principles you need to succeed against any level opponent. This course incorporates more advanced techniques, strategy, and combinations into the training. And as your skill level grows, the Gracie Barra philosophy of discipline and respect is further emphasized as an important quality of the students’ personal mindset. 

GB3, Expert. This course is designed to help students achieve Black Belt excellence. Jiu Jitsu skill-sets are applied in training as the student reads their opponents game. Training becomes much like a chess match. Countering each-others moves, setting traps, and anticipating opponents game plans. Students who achieve this level will tell you it doesn’t get any more fun than this! At this point in the students’ training, what is learned in Jiu Jitsu is applied to everyday life.   

Our GBE Adult Program is designed with each students’ personal achievement and skill level in mind. In addition to the regularly scheduled classes above, GBE provides monthly specialty classes and Seminars including: Specific technical seminars, pure self-defense classes, competition classes, women’s-only classes, MMA/striking with Jiu Jitsu seminars, strength and conditioning classes, and more. Whether your personal goals are fitness, self-defense, MMA, or more social connections, our Adult Program provides the classes and social activities you want to be successful. And GBE students see improvement not only athletically, but also mentally as they incorporate Gracie Barra’s proven principles into their lives. Jiu-Jitsu classes at Gracie Barra are perfect for any adult who wants to learn a new skill in a safe, challenging, and family friendly environment.   

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Private Training

The individual attention and approach that a 30 or 60-minute session with one of our instructors provides can and does lead to significant improvement in a student’s Jiu-Jitsu game flow. 

It is highly recommended that all students take at least one private lesson per month to review techniques and address specific challenges in his or her Jiu-Jitsu game flow. 

Some of the benefits are: 

  • Gain a better understanding of specific areas of your Jiu-Jitsu game flow 
  • Set goals and work towards them  
  • Get individual attention 
  • Gain access to a customized curriculum 
  • Enjoy sparring with your instructor 
  • Rise above your training plateaus 
  • Speed up your learning 
  • Make up for missed classes