With over 800 Gracie Barra schools world-wide, Gracie Barra Encinitas is the largest Jiu Jitsu school in San Diego. Our owners were the first to offer Jiu Jitsu classes in San Diego and today the school has over 50 certified black belts, training and teaching adult men and women, and kids between the ages of 4 through 15 years old.  Our program is designed to support a wide-variety of goals from healthier life-style to top level competition.  And our school is actively involved in the community. We are so very thankful for the many people who work to keep our beautiful city safe and clean!!


The benefits of Gracie Barra Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are far reaching and will touch every aspect of your life.  Adult men and women, young boys and girls alike, learn the art of self-defense from some of the most experienced, passionate, black belt instructors available.  But what most people don’t realize is the life lessons learned by training at Gracie Barra Encinitas.  Jiu Jitsu principles teach kids and adults about self-confidence, how to deal with relationship issues, how to problem solve, how to manage stress, and all sorts of daily life struggles, more constructively than before.  As a school, we embrace our students as members of our family.


Gracie Barra Encinitas teaches students the Jiu Jitsu lifestyle.  Our regular adult schedule includes beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes 7 days a week, to help fit everyone’s schedule.  Kids classes are structured based on age to support the best curriculum given physical and mental development and include the highest coach-to-student ratios in the city!  Through these classes, student skills and potential increase. Then, we complement our schedule with special technical seminars, women’s only classes, cross-training seminars, personal training, and many social events and community service activities.   We provide a very full Jiu Jitsu calendar for our family members and support whatever level fits their lives!

Gracie Barra Programs are comprised of six (6) main elements:

  • Curriculums: Set of coordinated techniques organized in the best possible way to facilitate students’ learning processes. All Gracie Barra curriculums are 16 weeks

  • Prerequisite: The minimum level a student must possess or have accomplished in order to enroll in a specific program

  • Class: The defined period of time during which the student learns the techniques that comprise the curricula using several different training methods or appropriate instructional techniques

  • Training Methods: Specific drills and training practices designed to convert the knowledge represented in the curricula and taught by the instructor into knowledge and skills, insuring that the student is able to apply their knowledge and techniques under real circumstances (or under authentic conditions)

  • Minimum Attendance: minimum attendance required from the student so him or her can progress and be updated with the GB Curriculums

  • Belt System: Hierarchical rank structure designed to represent students’ progress, according to their own potential.

All Gracie Barra students have the dream of becoming a Black Belt. However, this is not an easy goal and a lot of consistency and dedication is required. To fulfill the promise of facilitating students’ learning, Gracie Barra Programs are structured logically to keep students motivated to learn, practice and perform.

A typical Gracie Barra student starts with an introductory class, where he or she will learn the overall self-defense strategy of Jiu-Jitsu and afterwards enroll in the GB¹ Program – Jiu-Jitsu Fundamentals. After four (4) months of training and learning all the techniques comprising the GB¹ curriculum, the student will be recommended to join the GB² Program – Advanced Jiu-Jitsu. With eight (8) months of training and experience, the student will have the maturity level and enough knowledge to enroll on the GB³ Program – Expert Jiu-Jitsu. It is in the GB³ Program – Expert Jiu-Jitsu where he or she will be exposed to all kinds of training dynamics, including MMA, No-Gi and high level Gi, so that the student develops his or her own Jiu-Jitsu game, strategy and techniques.

Jiu-Jitsu is a beautiful art and everyone is capable of learning it and enjoying its many benefits. Gracie Barra Programs reflect more than thirty (30) years of Master Carlos Gracie Jr‘s teaching experience and have succeeded in improving the quality of life, self-esteem, discipline and health of tens of thousands of individuals around the world, as well as building some of the best Jiu-Jitsu fighters ever known.



GBE remodel is underway

June 22nd, 2020|Comments Off on GBE remodel is underway

https://youtu.be/mGpHume9g_Y Our entire building is under construction since the quarantine [...]



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