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Your Burning Questions Answered

Most traditional martial arts primarily deal with self-defense from a standing position (relying mainly on strikes). However, 95% of street fights end up on the ground where most standing strikes and kicks do not work. Jiu Jitsu is a martial art form that focuses on self-defense from the ground. Furthermore, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a martial art form that teaches smaller, weaker opponents how to defeat a bigger, stronger opponent by the use of technique, leverage, and joint manipulation.

Weight-Loss and Getting in Shape. One of the first differences you will notice after you begin training is how easy it is to lose weight and keep it off. GBE classes will improve cardiovascular levels, your overall strength, and improve flexibility. 

Self-Defense. BJJ is the most proven self-defense system in the world. Developed on the streets of Brazil, BJJ was proven to be the most effective self-defense system against all others martial arts in the original UFC tournaments, over 25 years ago.   

Stress Relief. Physical activity can help lower your overall stress levels and improve your quality of life, both mentally and physically. Training BJJ regularly can have a positive effect on your mood by relieving tension, anxiety, anger, and mild depression that often go hand-in-hand with stress. 

Making Friends. You may be surprised to learn the biggest benefit most commonly mentioned by students Jiu Jitsu students. While students mention many benefits, the most common is the friendships and comradery developed from training together with other students. 

Energy. Training BJJ increases the blood flow to your body by improving your cardiovascular health and fitness; this will allow more blood and oxygen to get to the body providing energy to do work. 

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving. Training Jiu Jitsu teaches students how to remain focused and deal with difficult situations, without panicking or over-reacting. One of the greatest life lessons from Jiu Jitsu, is learning how to remain focused and address problems in a constructive, measured manner. 

Humility and Patience. Training Jiu Jitsu is hard. It is challenging and strenuous. And there are always students who are bigger, younger, and have greater skill levels. The art of Jiu Jitsu requires students to drop their ego and accept the challenge of training with all different types of students, and to persevere through difficult tests. Through this process, students become stronger, more patient, and more humble. 

Having fun! Ask anyone that trains Jiu Jitsu, and they will tell you it is unbelievably fun!! In fact, Gracie Barra has grown it’s social calendar to accommodate the constant request from students to get together, on and off the mat!! Come try an Intro Class and see for yourself!

Our GBE Kid’s Program, challenges kids physically and mentally. Most kids need some form of physical activity daily to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Every GBE Kid’s class includes techniques that teach strength, conditioning, balance, and agility. Additionally, our Program incorporates the teachings of core values into every lesson. Learning to respect others and oneself, helping younger or newer students, participating in community service events, and creating new friendships are all part of the GBE Kid’s Program. 

As an Adult, if you are just starting Jiu Jitsu training, we recommend you attend any of our GB1 (Fundamentals) Classes. Once you begin to learn and retain the fundamental Jiu Jitsu techniques, your instructors will recommend that you begin attending GB2 (Advanced) Classes, typically at white belt with 3 stripes and up. Within the Kid’s Program, most classes are based on age. Little Champs 1 are 4-6 years old, Little Champs 2 are 7-10 years old, and Junior/Teens are 11-15 years old. And Kid’s Classes are supported by 4-7 Instructors/Coaches per class to ensure kids get the attention they deserve. If you have any questions, please call our main number and speak with any of our Instructors or our staff at the front desk. And please see our schedule for class details. 

Yes! Every Saturday morning from 9:00 to 10:00 am, we have a Family Class where moms, dads, kids, and teens can all train together. It’s always a special class seeing so many family members and friends training together. This class does not require students to wear the Gi (Kimono). You are welcome to attend in basic workout clothes (shorts, t-shirts, yoga pants, etc.). This class is also open to the public and is free! So bring your neighbors and friends!!

Yes, many of our students schedule Private Training with our Instructors. Private Training can be a great way to compliment regular class training. Maybe you want to focus on certain defensive or offensive techniques. Or you may want to work on a competitive strategy for an upcoming tournament. Or maybe you want to train with a black belt to accelerate your skills in general. In any case, we have several Instructors that will work with you on what to cover and date/times that are convenient. Please contact us for more details. 

Yes! Gracie Barra is the largest Jiu Jitsu franchise in the world. There are over 800 schools world-wide, with schools in many US cities and internationally. All Gracie Barra members are welcome to train at any of our sister schools. We will create a ‘Visitors Attendance Card’ for you that you can bring to other GB schools. If possible, remember to bring a Gracie Barra Gi, Gracie Barra rash guard, and your belt. Some schools may have a loaner Gi you can borrow, but it is always a safer bet to bring your own. 

All our classes for both Adults and Kids are taught by certified Gracie Barra black belt Instructors. Instructors have many years of experience training and teaching the art of Jiu Jitsu. All Instructors remain current on the Gracie Barra ICP (Instructor Certification Program), pass a background check, and are CPR certified. And our Instructors are very passionate, positive people who love sharing their knowledge of ‘the gentle art’ with our school and students. 

We recommend that you train at least 2 times a week. Jiu Jitsu techniques include many details on movement, positions, and grips. Being able to retain the information and recall it quickly takes practice, repetition, and drilling. Many of our students train 6-7 days a week, some even train twice a day. But the right amount of training is really a personal decision based on age, body type, work and family schedule, etc. We recommend that you start with a moderate schedule and work your way up to more frequent training as you go. 

Students are required to wear a Gracie Barra Gi and Gracie Barra rash guard to every class. We recommend that you bring a water bottle and mouth guard (optional) to class as well. Also, please wear (or have your kids wear) shoes or flip flops to class (and when you use the restroom). Footwear should be removed prior to walking on the mats and stored in the GBE cubbies. 

Yes. For the health, safety, and respect of the other students and the school, please follow the rules below:

  • Keep fingernails and toenails short for everyone’s safety 
  • All metal objects, jewelry, piercing, necklaces, and other items should be removed 
  • All students and instructors must wear shoes when walking outside the training area 
  • No shoes, food, or drink on the mat 
  • No cell phones in the training area 
  • All students, Instructors, Professors, and visitors must wear the Gracie Barra uniform (Gracie Barra Rash Guard and Gi) 
  • The uniform must be clean at all times. A dirty uniform is a sign of disrespect. 
  • It is mandatory to have underwear under the Gi pants 
  • When tying the uniform, students must face the edge of the mats  
  • The uniform must be worn at all times when on the mat and during class. 
  • Refer to black-belts as ‘Professor’ 
  • Refer to non, black-belt instructors as ‘Coaches’  
  • Bow to the picture of Master Carlos Gracie Sr. when entering the training area 
  • Bow to the picture of Master Carlos Gracie Sr. when exiting the training area  
  • Classes begin with students lining up in belt order and a bow to the Instructor 
  • Classes end with a bow to Master Carlos Gracie Sr. and then a bow to the Instructor 
  • All students must present their ‘Attendance Card’ at the beginning of class 
  • If you are late to class, stand by the side of the training area and wait for permission to enter from the Professor 
  • During class, students must sit or stand in good posture. No foot on the wall, laying down, or chewing gum  
  • Shake hands with your partner before and after each training round 
  • Absolutely no foul language inside the school   
  • When you become close to another set of students during training, stop and move a safe distance away. Students with the lower belt rank should move away from the student with the highest belt rank 

Yes. GBE has 4 changing rooms and a bathroom at the school. The facility also has full locker rooms, bathrooms, and showers. 

The Gracie Barra Class Structure is a carefully designed progression of elements. When applied in your classes, you will have specific timeframes for everything from the warm-up to the end of class message. It is not just about the combination of all the elements within the Class Structure that makes it so valuable for your classes. It is a comprehensive approach that includes the following:

  • Designated time-frames 
  • Specific class elements 
  • Sequences of elements 
Each Gracie Barra Class has a structure designed to support different student levels. In most classes, after technical demonstrations, the Instructor will ask white belts (new students) to pick a partner, ladies to pick a partner, then black belts to pick a partner. In other cases, the Instructor may ‘pair students’ to ensure a positive experience (this is very common in the Kids classes). In some more technical situations, the Instructor will ask low level belts to pair-up with higher belts to improve the level of understanding. And it becomes very common for students to find training partners they work well with to train together often. In any case, as a student’s skill level improves we encourage students to take time and train with other students outside your comfort zone. Remember, Gracie Barra maintains a safe environment that allows you to experience what it is like to ‘live train’ with people of different ages and size to prepare you better for real-world situations.

Jiu Jitsu is a complex sport, not just physically, but mentally. When muscles are required to work harder than they are used to, especially in a different way, microscopic damage occurs to the muscle fibers, resulting in muscle soreness. Usually, muscle soreness last about 24-48 hours after a class. Light stretching and a hot shower or jacuzzi can help to get rid of soreness. An Epsom salt bath can be helpful in relieving soreness. Drink lots of water to remain hydrated. Keep in mind, muscles more likely to be sore after class include neck, core area, front part of your shoulders, back, hips, and gluteus.

Yes. Even though competitions are not mandatory at the school, we support our students (adults and kids) that like to compete. We believe that competition is a great tool for the betterment of the individual. There are numerous local and near-by Jiu Jitsu tournaments held year round. And one of the best tournaments to attend (especially if you are competing for the first time) is our Gracie Barra CompNet Tournament. CompNet is a tournament coordinated, managed, and attended by Gracie Barra schools only. Students from surrounding Gracie Barra schools all meet in regional areas to compete with one another. It is very organized and family oriented. It is helpful to notify your Instructor of upcoming tournaments you have registered for. This will allow our Instructors and Coaches to schedule time to attend and ‘coach’ your matches. And it will allow our Instructors to guide you in the weeks prior to the competition on training tips, strategy, and workout intensity. Our Kid’s Program has a formal Competition Team that includes designated tournaments, weekly competition team practices, and many specialty classes. Please contact one of our Instructors if you kids are interested in trying out for the Team!

Yes we do! By popular demand, our students love to take time to socialize and celebrate the hard work and training done on the mats. The social calendar is maintained by the school and is available at the front desk (and on our website). The schedule is divided between adult and kids activities (some activities are designated as shared). Typically, GBE likes to schedule a minimum of 1 social activity per month for adults and for kids, and 1 community activity per month. But often, there are several activities going on during the year. Beach days, school parties, local night clubs, beach clean ups, local charities and foundations, and more are all part of our monthly activities. Please plan to join us for the fun!!

Of course! The biggest compliment from our students, is the referral of their friends and loved ones ……and we don’t take it for granted!! Check with our front desk for the details of what promotion is being offered. 

To cancel your membership, complete the cancellation request form on our website 60 days before you plan to stop coming to our school. Once submitted one of our friendly team will contact you to arrange your cancellation. Any cancelled members will be charged at current membership rates if they decide to rejoin. 

You are able to put your membership on hold for up to eight weeks if you are injured, busier than usual or expecting to spend time out of town. Please let us know 30 days in advance of your hold period and we will arrange to suspend your payments. We’ll need a start and finish date as we will automatically  restart your membership when your hold period is complete. We can only put a membership on hold for a maximum of 3 months. Anything more is considered a cancellation, which will be carried out in accordance with our normal cancellation terms.

Need to Take a Break?

While we hate to see any of our wonderful members leave, we understand that sometimes circumstances change. You can put your membership on hold for up to 8 weeks. Please check your contract to view the hold and cancellation terms of your membership. Before you leave, we ask that you let us know by filling out the form below a minimum of four weeks before you plan to put your membership on hold. If you decide to come back and renew your membership, we have to let you know you will be subject to the membership prices on offer at that time. We wish you all the best in your future fitness endeavors!

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Need to Cancel Your Membership?

While we hate to see any of our wonderful members leave, we understand that sometimes circumstances change. Please check your contract to view the cancellation terms of your membership. Before you leave, we ask that you let us know by filling out the form below a minimum of four weeks before you plan to finish coming to our facility. If you decide to come back and renew your membership, we have to let you know you will be subject to the membership prices on offer at that time. We wish you all the best in your future fitness endeavors!